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Cal gets real.

Be who you are.

Feel what you feel.

Find yourself in good company.

Shorten your curve. Engage your staff. Shake up your thinking. Hire Cal today to speak, to write, to invite you to think and be differently in the service of your fellow humans. 

Cal Cates is an award-winning writer, published researcher, international speaker, and the founder and Executive Director of Healwell, a non-profit whose mission is to improve quality of life for people affected by acute, chronic, and serious illness.

Cal is an inspirational change facilitator. 


They have trained thousands of healthcare providers in skills of resiliency, self-awareness, communication, and forgiveness. They have dedicated their career to advocacy in healthcare, massage therapy as social justice, and to revolutionizing education for healthcare providers. Cal has trained with Roshi Joan Halifax, Ram Dass, Frank Ostaseski, and other leaders in the field of contemplative care and has created curriculum and written for trade journals on topics ranging from end of life care to interdisciplinary education to racism and the endless ways that humans make it hard to live in successful, equitable harmony.


photos by Judy Rolfe 


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Stay Tuned for What's Next.

and get a PDF of my article, Death, Dying and the Breakability of Us All (it's more fun than it sounds); also, be sure to check out my bi-monthly column "Massage Is Healthcare" in Massage & Bodywork Magazine.

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