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What People Say


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"A deeply experienced and widely recognized writer and speaker, Cal applies their visionary and empathic capabilities to any subject on which they are asked to speak. Cal's powerful grasp of the English language and ability to connect intensely with a group, makes them an extremely effective speaker on any topic in which they have interest. Listening to Cal speak on several occasions, I have personally been moved to care, moved to tears, and moved to action – sometimes simultaneously!"

Katherine LaVelle

Managing Director


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"Cal has a calm, authoritative and engaging stage presence. When they speak people listen because they have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, backing their experience with sometimes amusing, sometimes confronting but always compelling anecdotes.  Cal's efforts around COVID-19, racism and community safety in blogs, podcasts, and social media posts are always worth reading and/or listening to. Cal lives by the mantra they use in their email sign-off, borrowed from Mahatma Ghandi - “be truthful, gentle, and fearless.”

David Bailey

Board Chair & Managing Director  Oncology Massage Ltd, Australia


"Cal is our “go to” as an inspiring, approachable keynote for our annual conferences attended by women who are living with metastatic disease.

When I tell you that Cal’s approach is extraordinary, it is not an understatement. Cal’s ability to navigate the room whether live or virtual is impressive, leading our women through very difficult conversations, yet giving them a safe space to share, and meeting them where they are."

Sue Weldon

Founder and CEO

Unite for Her

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