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a closeup photo of a pine sprig with wee pine cones

Love and merriment to you, friends. I hope you'll make time to be overcome, if only momentarily, by blessed gratitude for whatever it is that makes your life beautiful.

A part of my heart is always heavy at Christmas. I know there are people who have to overturn a lot of rocks to find things in their lives that can shine a beauty bright enough to drown out the blisteringly hard work that marks their days, the despair, the loneliness, the seemingly insurmountable odds of the life they live. People who have never known ease or belonging or the continued likelihood of hot, delicious food.

Worldwide, these souls number in the millions. On this day, Jesus would likely remind us that we are all mirrors for each other; souls of the same source. And if Jesus isn't your guy, your own heart will remind you of this wisdom if you ask it and listen.

Enjoy and snuggle and hug and kiss your lovelies, whether they be furry or fleshy or both, and savor the plentiful food and laughter put before you. This is a time to replenish our love reservoirs.

Breathe in the plentiful life before you so you can carry gratitude and generosity beyond this day, friends. Take the fullness and forgiveness and abundance in your heart today and bring it with you each day.

Happy, merry, blessed, warmth, togetherness, and all of the tidings that remind us we are here to love.

We are loved. We are love.


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